CBS Radio - WTIC, 1080 radio very poor listener customer service.


I made several phone complaints concerning the free give-aways at this radio station, asked for the general manager to return my call and she never responded.

Very poor listener customer service to say the least.

I attempted to retrieve two give-aways that I had won over the radio, had difficulty receiving one and refused receiving the second because it had not been ready for my pick up at the station as promised.

I was rudely spoken to and told that if I didn't wish to participate in the give-aways, I shouln't call to enter. This upset me very much.

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CBS Radio - 101.5 Phoenix Arizona Calls my Daughter a *** AND WHITE TRASH!

Peoria, Arizona 9 comments
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CBS RADIO 101.5'S D.J, J.D called my 12 year old daughter a *** and white trash when she called in to request a song. She told them she was 12 and they still CALLED HER A *** AND WHITE TRASH!

They should not be able to call our children these names on the radio station and not be held accountable for their actions! The program director swept the entire issue under the rug by sending my daughter their free promo cds. No public apology nothing!

When I told them maybe free tickets would make her feel better they claimed their was no way they could do that but they sure could call her a *** and white trash on the air! Give me a break they give them out for free all the time!!!

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Peoria, Arizona, United States #747046

@annonymous and @sigh Obviously neither of you have children of your own and if you do I feel terrible for them. I would do anythind for my kids and your opinion about making a mountain out of a molehill what they did was uncalled for and I went down to the station and recorded my conversation with Dave Shakes where he went and listened to the on air comments and said that what they did was wrong.

@trending sam and @cha cha thank you so much. People just dont get it.

And thats fine I know I am a great mother. AND WRONG IS WRONG!

Peoria, Arizona, United States #747044

I never said it would make it okay to treat anyone children this way just that they could have rectified it better.


I think at the very least that is what they should have done. People take no responsibility for their actions at all these days.

I would ignore the top two comments as these people seem like degenerates! :upset

to ChaChaSlide Phoenix, Arizona, United States #660309

I agree shes not saying it will make things better just that that was the very least they could have done!

to ChaChaSlide Ashburn, Virginia, United States #660326

Yeah it doesn't help that most of the people listening to this kind of station could use an education of their own. :(

Georgetown, Texas, United States #658911

so you are mad that they "swept it under the rug" by sending her a promo cd, but if had been tickets to a show, that would have been better? Not a good example of sound parenting Mom...

to sigh... #659327

Right and you spending all your time on the computer responding to peoples issues that have absolutely nothing to do with you or your family makes you a better parent. Give me a break!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #658827

There are all types of DJs on the air. Just because your daughter allegedly told him she was 12 doesn't mean they believed her.

Do you actually know everything that she said? A lot would also depend on what type of radio station she called.

There are some stations that will do and say almost anything. Myself I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

to anonymous #659325

I think you have lost your mind. I think if this was you or your child you would be the same way. Sometimes people just need to pull their head out of their butts!

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CBS Radio - Changing am radio format to sports in a market already flooded with *** sports

Kirkland, Washington 0 comments
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CBS am is switching from a news and information format to sports in a market already flooded with sports and right wing news. We need a more balanced market offering news and opinion instead of all this sports.

Why aren't they required to serve the public interest? Why is the fcc leaning toward relaxing the rules of media ownership when it's already almost a monopoly? When did it become unfashionable to be interested in public discourse, and instead just become a bunch of right wing sycophants?

Why aren't we concerned with having an informed democracy? Why aren't all the networks required to offer a minimum # of hours devoted to information news instead of infotainment sports and weather?

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